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Sachiho Watanabe Sachiho Watanabe

Sachiho Watanabe

All of you, nice to meet you.
We claim to be Sachiho Watanabe (watanabesachiho) of lawyer

In December, 2012, we transferred from law office of Shizuoka and became member of our office.
 We visit uneasiness and trouble that all of you have as much as possible to be able to leave civil case, criminal case in peace together and cope with each one facing carefulness.
 We make an effort to be able to plan the best solution that accepted each situation as appropriate solution varies according to cases. Please feel free to contact by any problem.


Educational background shiritsuyokohama*yokotogakukosotsugyo
Ochanomizu University home economics department graduation
We are a graduate from Keio University law school (legal affairs doctor)
Work experience December, 2011
December, 2012
Green joint law office entrance
Marunouchi soleil law office entrance

Seminar / event, the media publication results

Labor seminar "pit of indefinite switch rule"

Date August 29, 2017

Scheme, teacher, Sachiho Watanabe


Weekly diamond "indefinite switch rule" special feature commentary

Publication day December 2, 2017

Publishing office Daiyamondosha


About labor lecture "indefinite switch rule"

Date April 13, 2018

At general meeting of local bank human resources business workshop