Characteristic Features of office

Ariko Ito Yuriko Ito

Ariko Ito

All of you, hello.
We are Ariko Ito (Yuriko minding) of lawyer.

While I engaged in company-affiliated item mainly until now, but work as national tax Examiner-in-chief for three years,
We obtained occasion that participated in item of many personal people.

Of course it was situation that was different from lawyer, but we contacted with personal people directly and asked about the thought and work to let conclusion reflect it how, or to consider overflowed in human touch and did very much and was worth.

Once entered legal professional corporation of similar company legal affairs system before, but after all was wanting to participate in item of personal various places afterwards,
There was relationship and became member of our office from June, 2017.

As we will serve every day to send, we would like the best result as one of your guidance and encouragement to clients.


Educational background Cherry tree shade high school graduation
University of Tokyo law department graduation
University of Tokyo law school completion
Work experience January, 2009
July, 2013
August, 2016
June, 2017
Company legal affairs system law office entrance
Nagoya National Tax Tribunal national tax Examiner-in-chief
Company legal affairs system legal professional corporation entrance
Marunouchi soleil law office entrance