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Yoshiko Iizuka Yoshiko Iizuka

Yoshiko Iizuka

All of you, hello.
We claim to be Yoshiko Iizuka (iizukayoshiko) of lawyer.

There was relationship and became member of our office from May 1, 2014.

When all of you were involved in some trouble, how do they have?
At first we wait still for mere time talking with person reliable investigating cause by one's power passing…We think that there are nado, each solution.
In any case we seem to spend totally big "baggage" in spite of being employee every day when we have trouble and may be fatigued mentally physically.

It is the lawyer to us to work as maid solving trouble of such all of you from the legal side.
Trouble cannot be settled only by law in fact.
The best solution that investigated uneasiness, fear, cause of question that all of you had, and put together in the each person's situation anything in spite of being thought finally by yourself "assent (reconciliation may be sometimes necessary, too.) It leads to true solution to be able to do it ".
Therefore we act while my listening to story of one that had you talk slowly and carefully, and doing advice that stood on past experience and knowledge to be able to investigate beginning of trouble solution together.

When "baggage" was wanted to lighten even a little, we may help. Please go to visit our office by all means.


Educational background Osaka Prefecture Univ. this side Senior High School graduation
University of Tokyo liberal arts education synthesis social studies subject correlative social science graduation
University of Tokyo law school graduation
Work experience December, 2012

January, 2014
May, 2014

As the lawyer to staff of judiciary support center in Japan (law terrace), we assign law terrace Tokyo law office (we train in Tokyo Yuma in law office)

Law terrace Tama law office assignment
Marunouchi soleil law office entrance