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Tomohiro Hayase Tomohiro Hayase

Tomohiro Hayase

All of you, nice to meet you. We claim to be Tomohiro Hayase of lawyer.

I work in this office from December 20, 2010.
In the long life, we cannot avoid various troubles.
And there is many that we do not readily push forward before even if troubled alone when we have fallen into trouble.
When we faced such a trouble, we hear story of all of you well and will act to be able to lead the best solution.


Educational background March, 2000
March, 2004
March, 2007
Sendai, Miyagi second Senior High School graduation
We are a graduate from the Hitotsubashi University law department (Bachelor of Laws)
We are a graduate from Nagoya University law school (legal affairs doctor)
Work experience December, 2010 Marunouchi soleil law office entrance