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Traffic accident consultation expense

Support rate greatly separates, and there are two kinds of retainer and the actual expenses.

※Legal fee becomes all tax-excluded notation.
※In the case of dispatch, you may be expected to pay rate separately.


Consultation fees

Free of charge

With telephone prior as for the legal aid service of our office need reservations.
From 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

Upfront payment

Free of charge

※It is not necessary to receive, and to be expected to pay money of start at the time of the job.
※"Legal fee special contract (lawyer insurance) of voluntary insurance is available, too".

Incentive payment

10% of 200,000 yen + indemnities

※It is flat regardless of negotiations, suit
※"Legal fee special contract of voluntary insurance is available, too".
※Termination is possible until entrusted affairs are finished. You are expected to pay start gold equivalency sum 100,000 yen and actual expenses uniformity 30,000 yen as expense until cancellation on this occasion.

The actual expenses

Please bear transportation expenses, communication expenses, legal cost (stamp charges) as the actual expenses.