Characteristic Features of office

General civil case

Debt collection case

Representative thing is trading value request case, loan return request case.

Claim for damages case

It is claim for damages case by traffic accident, malpractice, sexual harassment, DV, workmen's accident accident, accident during school education.

Particularly, we have much experience for claim for damages case based on traffic accident.
Please see Web site ( about traffic accident.

Case about real estate

It is case to be related to real estate widely including unpaid rent request, building demand for evacuation, case to request the total sum, reduction of the ground rent, rent, claim for damages when there was defect in building, case about building dispute, statute of limitations acquisition case of border confirmation, real estate.

Company legal affairs

Duties mainly involving incorporation procedures, making of office regulations, making of various minutes including general meeting of stockholders, the board of directors, documents making such as check of various contract making, contents.

Including labor problem including election of officer, dismissal, the issue of discharge of employee sell widely.

As for the detailed guidance, please see Web site ( about meeting legal affairs about company legal affairs.

The bankruptcy, arrangement case

We sell the personal bankruptcy, civil affair reproduction, voluntary liquidation, the bankruptcy of corporation, administration in bankruptcy, civil affair reproduction, voluntary liquidation widely.

Housework case

Divorce, divorce, adoption, case about couple and parental relation including cognitive request, statement of partition of estate discussion, will preparation, the will execution, the inheritance including legal portion of heir abatement request and case adult guardianship about will, case around elderly person including administration of elderly person

Intellectual property rights case

For infringements such as copyright, trademark, we perform advice, injunction, claim for damage. We handle case about Unfair Competition Prevention Law for the purpose of prevention of protection and imitation product of trade secrets. In addition, we handle problem about Seeds and Seedlings Law.

Labor case

It is position confirmation provisional disposition accompanied with unfair dismissal, retirement bonus request or problem about working conditions.

Criminal case

When we perform act to conflict with the criminal law and we arrest and are detained and are prosecuted, we are active as defense lawyer.
Defense before prosecution, both defense after prosecution treat.
In addition, we negotiate with victim as agent when we settle privately with victim.

Boy case

Minor boy, girl commits a crime and performs misbehavior and is arrested and is active as attendant when we were referred by family court.

We support boy after procedure of family court began with attendant, and boy does help to recover itself. We play a role like defense lawyer of pressure, criminal case for court so that say of boy is accepted when fact has fight.

Foreign residence permission application

We perform with administrative scrivener in collaborative relationship.
Duties to deal with in our law office quite as above.
We think that there is much trouble what kind of question of law problem that you face is when we do not understand well.