Toward the corporation

Guidance of soleil club / corporation


Hello, everyone.
We established "soleil club" among the legal professional corporation-maru in soleil law office on November 4, 2011. After guiding by soleil communication, all of you more than 70 gave application to. Thank you very much.
Soleil club is thing for personal people,
"Can corporation propose, too?" Question to "want you to make corporation use" had a lot of requests. Therefore we decided to establish "soleil club corporate member".
There are many companies where rate becomes the neck as for the advisor to lawyer contract and does not touch legal adviser for reason "that we do not talk with Lawyer every month". However, trouble that we should have been able to prevent originally happens and does not rarely give corporate management damage because there is not legal adviser whom we can feel free to consult without being able to give an appropriate response by sudden trouble when it becomes important. Therefore we have all of companies utilize lawyer using "soleil club corporate member" closer and think that you can make use for corporate management of.

Privilege of soleil club

We listen to anything! Free consultation until five hours a year

Various risks hide behind in corporate management.
Company gives many inquiries to our office, but ta々 is in "we were able to prevent if we have you talk earlier" thinking, "it was not in such a trouble if we can have for a roar when we make a contract".

About contract, the labor, debt collection, consumer problem, problem about corporate management including other troubles, lawyer guides immediately. When it is said, "we want to hear a little", we accept consultation by telephone and email. Please feel free to consult.

In addition, we do for consultation as we make consultation medical record every member in our office after having grasped the situation of. We think that you can utilize effectively by all means.

Specialist in soleil club introduction who utilized network

In the issue of company, there is problem that cannot support only in our office. Licensed tax accountant, judicial scrivener, company trouble person, management consultant, real estate company keep network of soleil club alive and they match with needs of all of you and can introduce various places of each expert on this occasion.

We secure consultation schedule with precedence

We have inquiry from many people every day, and, in our office, it may be said that we cannot find schedule of lawyer to ahead for two weeks. However, to member of soleil club, consultation with lawyer is enabled than new visitor with precedence before office duties time. When there was some trouble, we do quick support.

We provide place of new business exchange meeting

Visitor may give consultation to "will you introduce such a company in acquaintances of teacher?". When network of our office conjugates and introduces, we have voice of various joy including "we were able to create new business".
We noticed that new business opportunity might be created by having you plan voluntary interchange between visitors of our office. Therefore we hold new business exchange meeting and think that you can utilize as place of exchange between a great variety of members, place of encounter.

Sending of soleil communication

We send soleil communication in our office every season. Contents tell about various information including information to help living from legitimate thing.



Annual club due 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)

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