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Example that did consolation money request for divorce paper having been submitted while we did not know, and got 3 million yen

The situation, background

Client: Woman early 30s 
The other party: Man is in his mid-30s  
Child: None

Client had been living apart from husband for many years, but one day has discovered photograph which came out with child with woman whom husband did not know when we looked at icon of LINE of husband.
Husband was immorality to different woman and thought that there might be child in the meantime, and client came to consultation in our office that we wanted at first you to check social position relations.

What we carried out

As a result of receiving request in our office, and having acquired family register of the other party, husband divorced client, and it was found out that different woman and marriage, child entered family register. We did not mind divorced for client, but felt dissatisfaction in marrying again without passing through procedure of appropriate divorce.
Therefore we demanded consolation money 20 million yen from the other party.
We were able to take confession of the other party having filled in signature space of wife while we talked with visit to an office as our office.
After that, act of the other party explained that we were more likely to correspond to private document crimen falsi and bigamy and negotiated with the other party.
We established settlement by payment of consolation money without finally developing into civil trial or detective accusation.

As a result of having been provided

It is settled by receiving payment of consolation money of 3 million yen

Point and point to keep in mind of practice

Like this matter, there are not so many cases which we sign divorce paper without permission and submit. It is important that we decide the bill after investigating the means of the other party, and having examined consolation money because there is not standard. Because client expected early solution, we were reconciled with each other with amount of money that we largely in comparison with the original bill reduced.
In negotiations, it was the most important to get confession of point that filled in signature space of wife of divorce paper in the other party. We prevent letting you prepare without revealing important point when we give the other party written notice and we grasp initiative by drawing important fact by natural flow after having you visit an office and can push forward negotiations.
We recommend what is asked for by lawyer without negotiating forcibly by yourself so that it is not noticed by the other party as it is not easy to draw fatal fact for the other party.

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