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Example that early divorce with the other party without intention of divorce realized

The situation, background

Client: Woman member of society student (residence in Spain) in late 30s
The other party: Male office worker in early 40s 
Child: None

Client was woman who lived in foreign countries (Spain). Both client and other parties were Japanese nationality together, but all two of them lived in Hong Kong concerning work of man of the other party. We talked about divorce from client once for the other party, but remained in a state that it became indefinite on this occasion. Client went over to Spain for study, and man of the other party came back to Japan afterwards. As request content, we got a divorce concerning update of visa, and older sister of client came to consultation to our office that we wanted to establish social position relations.

What we carried out

Man of the other party did not have intention of divorce. Therefore I visited company of man of the other party several times, and distribution of property did suggestion that we would solve on good condition early because child was not without talking about consolation money without requesting. And we had divorce notice.

As a result of having been provided

We realized divorce in early stage called 2-3 months.

Point and point to keep in mind of practice

We did not originally refer to distribution of property which we might get to give priority to divorce. We said that we bought time for money well, but we thought about we compared time and money, and which we should give priority to well and, as a result, were able to get satisfaction of client.

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