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Example that divorce request from spouse who caused the split-up ended in in short-term discussion

The situation, background

Client: Male office worker in early 30s
The other party: Woman full-time homemaker in early 30s
Child: Nobody (small) 

Marriage period of client was period that was short with both for approximately half a year during 2-3 years, the next separation period. He/she came to our office for consultation that man on the husband side who was spouse who caused the split-up wanted to get a divorce.
Guilty characteristics of client included only one time of illicit fact that they turned on meet-a-mate application.

What we carried out

We pushed forward discussion while giving specific example because client thought that divorce was finished in two or three weeks (both of client and the other party had expected divorce and pushed forward story in form of discussion.) while giving a feeling of assent by telling market price at time to suffer from divorce. In addition, we pushed forward discussion in speed in order to grant hope of client to want to do speed solution while being conscious.
At first, we presented 1 million yen as consolation money and were finally finished by payment of 1,500,000 yen. As myself assumed around 1,500,000-2,000,000 yen as image of consolation money, with almost amount of money as requested, it was able to be finished with sense of speed.

As a result of having been provided

We get a divorce by payment of 1,500,000 yen. Meeting interchange is once a month.

Point and point to keep in mind of practice

Speed solution had been expected, and client had you do business formalities between the people and let you largely shorten time than you performed via agent.
In addition, spouse who caused the split-up was thing which badness was asked by continuity and repetition characteristics, but there was that act that was approved guilty in this example was only once, and badness was not greatly evaluated at point where there was not continuity.

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