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Example that took consolation money of 2 million yen for unchaste partner of flirtation-related husband

The situation, background

We stated consolation money saying that the wife side who was client caught mental anguish by immorality-related continuation in the workplace for married life 10 several years. 

What we carried out

We put thing that we continued paying after the expense of bringing up children and the adoption that became unpaid together and considered and confirmed that there were not confirmation of outstanding payment not existing and payment duty of the future expense of bringing up children.

As a result of having been provided

Both sides understand one date and terminate.

Point and point to keep in mind of practice

As we were doing because evidence of unchastity that the client side claimed was not positive thing, and there was part considered to be weak if we received investigation about woman relations of husband when we did not bring as possible in for trial, and intention that we did not want to do reached trial from the other party, we kept in mind to solve in discussion.
Because the wife side becomes considerably emotional, and it was in condition to have possibilities to threaten social standing of husband, we persuade many times saying "even fair right called this consolation money request may be ruined if appealed in libel".

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