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Example that got money of distribution to cover to living wage of the old age

The situation, background

Wife who is client is in her early 70s. Husband in his late 80s demanded divorce and we received and stated expenses of married life allotment mediation right after the job, and the other party stated divorce mediation in form corresponding to this. Example that was divorced in favorable conditions that only wiped out uneasiness of fund when old.

What we carried out

We acted as land tax ledgers in grasping the acquisition, property by request in the course of duties in order to examine portions at the time of the inheritance and legal portion of heir just in case because the other party was old. We investigated various systems such as survivor's pensions and thought about correspondence in various cases and calculated appropriate distribution amount of money.

As a result of having been provided

Mediation establishment.
We finally got distribution of property of 25 million yen.

Point and point to keep in mind of practice

Because the other party demanded divorce, and owned a lot of real estate, with case that is slightly strong power balance of this side had an impression. However, we accused the need of security of fund in the old age so that the other party did not show resistance because it might be judgment divorce because approximately three years passed after we lived apart if procedure advanced as it is as distribution amount of money was low.
As the true intention that wanted to evade complexity by the other party advancing to inheritance procedure was expected in procedure, we kept aggressive suggestion in mind. Based on the amount of receipt of portions (legal portion of heir) and survivor's pension when we were succeeded, we set amount of money that would exceed there a little on this occasion.
It is thought that it worked to have pushed forward for discussion by near method without squeezing detail of each other's property despite mediation.

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