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[seminar] Basic knowledge and utilization of "the inheritance"

"Not to have trouble by descent, how…Is there "trouble?
We hold seminar!

What is communication between families not to have trouble by descent?
Because we do not make the inheritance "fight group", lawyer explains "" clearly

"What kind of real preparations being necessary though we hear the inheritance well"
Because "there is not great property, we do not have any problem particularly"
If "daughter goes to wife, what happens to ... real estate if son gets married? Making cash"
Though "we want to make will, whom should we have you see to?"
Do you not have such a various troubles of everybody?

In our office, we will hold seminar about "the plain inheritance by lawyer and the utilization" of communication between families under the cosponsorship with wedding state with the history of 40 years as dating service.

We are familiar with problems such as the inheritance or trust, and point commentary explains knowledge that lawyer Yoshiko Iizuka with lecture and the writing results is basic about concrete topics such as "will" "gift before death" clearly more so far without using difficult technical term.
It is "the inheritance" to hear well only by words, but is that it thinks about family you should prepare for what in "fight family" said to be well because there is not, or to think about ... inheritance.

Big difference may be born without knowing that we know even only one knowledge.
We think whether it is substantial time to be given some kind of hints (Tips) to all of you about the inheritance.
The details are as follows. It becomes 20 first arrival. Apply early.

The details are this

◆The date and time: Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00 (reception desk: from half past 10)
◆Place: The 28th floor of the Shinjuku Nomura Building wedding
◆Sponsorship: Wedding / legal professional corporation Marunouchi soleil law office
◆Capacity: 20 first arrival
◆Inquiry: Legal professional corporation Marunouchi soleil law office TEL03-5224-3801

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