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October 1 "Law Day"

Does everybody know that October 1 is "Law Day?"

Various events are performed every year in each places of the whole country as "Law Day week" in one week from October 1.

In fact, the origin on "Law Day" dates back to prewar days.
"Jury Law" was enforced on October 1, 1928, and we received this, and October 1 was set with "judiciary memorial day" from 1929 of the next year.
Jury system will be stopped by intensification of World War II afterwards in the municipalities on April 1, 1943 by "Jury Law no stop ni Seki through law" because burden of draft duties became heavy.

"Law Day" and thing that we established were proposed on October 1 to respect law in bar association and tripartite council of court and the Public Prosecutor's Office held in postwar October, 1959, and to become exalted in ideal and the heart's desire.
October 1 was set with "Law Day" every year, and, in June, 1960 of the next year, it was done with day to raise respect for law, protection of fundamental human rights, mind of establishment of social order by the government.

Law plans adjustment of freedom of personal interval and takes role to stabilize social life of the nation.
We restrict the power of state use, and the authority use by country is in this way done appropriately by law without drinking, and becoming.
And we carry out role to protect right of the nation from the unfair authority use of country in its turn.

In "Law Day week," various events such as simulated investigation demonstrations by mock trial (citizen judge trial) and prosecutor with Kasumigaseki judiciary examination stamp rally (Monday, October 15) beginning court by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations are carried out (Saturday, October 6 in particular).

At this chance how about everybody to feel law close if we participate in these events?


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