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It is published the media as "professional of the way" Abe of lawyer

Eiichiro Abe of our office position lawyer is published by portal site "lease of immovables management doctor" concerned with real estate and lease management.

Doctor dot-com to host, "lease management of doctor is fair" that our office perform legal aid service by booth exhibition until now in this site provides various information to owner concerned with administration, real estate and lease management, owners.
Abe is introduced lawyer who is strong in real estate trouble as one of "professional of the way" in this.

From "relation one of owners and lawyer that Abe usually feels," Abe wanted to be Lawyer why, or it is article to have a glimpse of private of Abe individual including how to spend on holiday, and to get.
Please see by all means.

Lawyer Abe sees article published as "professional of the way" as lawyer who is strong in real estate trouble 


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