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We made Lawyer Hideki Kinoshita the lawyer to honorary member

Our office made Lawyer Hideki Kinoshita the lawyer to honorary member from this June.

Lawyer Kinoshita successively held Tokyo District Court, Tokyo High Court, Sendai High Court (the presiding judge), Nagoya High Court (the presiding judge), Fukui local family court's director after the assistant judge appointment of April, 1978 and, for approximately 40 years, was engaged in many cases in the front line.

In calm talk tone, you give various advice for developing lawyer soon after the entrance. In addition, as for the hobby, we have a heated discussion about soccer concerning reading (Akimitsu Miyagitani and yoshitsu*shi, most of the books of Kenzo Kitakata seem to be read through) and watching soccer for break in now during World Cup period.

We are convinced that valuable knowledge and experience that Lawyer Kinoshita was cultivated expand Regal service of our office more in future.

Lawyer Hideki Kinoshita greetings

Nice to meet you, we are Hideki Kinoshita of lawyer.

We were engaged in civil trial at the most as judge since I appointed to assistant judge in April, 1978 and were in charge of a great variety of cases including housework case. In May, 2017, we retire from retirement age and we do lawyer registration in August and belonged to other law offices in Tokyo, but will participate in this office as Lawyer honorary member.

We make use of experience or knowledge that we cultivated by judge life for approximately 40 years and, in thing that we, so to speak, make support as logistical support of other lawyers of this office playing an active part in line, raise quality of case processing more and want to make an effort for better solution of dispute. Regal service that this office provides to all of you wants to contribute to more substantial thing in its turn so that it is.

Thank you we would like.


[educational background] 

March, 1971 Nagano Prefectural Iida High School graduation
March, 1975 Chuo University law department law subject graduation


[work experience]

April, 1978 Assistant judge appointment (Niigata District Court)
April, 1981 Osaka District Court
April, 1987 Tokyo District Court
April, 1993 Yokohama District Court
April, 2000 Tokyo High Court
April, 2007 Tokyo District Court Hachioji (Tachikawa) branch office (part generalization)
April, 2010 Tokyo High Court
January, 2012 Sendai High Court (part generalization)
December, 2013 Nagoya High Court (part generalization)
June, 2016 Fukui local family court's director
May, 2017 Retirement age retirement


[bar association activity]  

April, 2018 The Tokyo bar association settlement of disputes center governing board
  Tokyo bar association's lawyer appointment promotion committee

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