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[Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act] It was published the media commentary of bemmamorishinari

As advertisement expression NG instance, commentary of bemmamorishinari was published in the media.

Consumer Affairs Agency gave measures order based on Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act for Company A which operated mail order site of shop channel in March, 2018.
With ESTHETIC WIRED (aesthetics communication) June, 2018 issue, we take up this example.

Company A displayed by writing prices to call themselves "after tomorrow" more than the price concerned jointly to "<49%OFF> after tomorrow △△△ Japanese yen →〇〇 Japanese yen" and real sales price as if real sales price was cheaper than the price concerned and normal price in other companies.
However, period when the actual situation was sold after sale plan was only only three days, and the sale results at the price concerned were not called into question substantially in the company, too.
As for this example, Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act violation (advantageous misconception) becomes approved measures order for such a pricing.

We comment on precaution and dual pricing when bemmamorishinari displays price before discount for future sales price from this example. Please see by all means.
For more details, from this.

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