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[Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act] It was published the media commentary of bemmamorishinari

As advertisement expression NG instance, commentary of bemmamorishinari was published in the media

Consumer Affairs Agency gave measures order based on Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act for company which performed mail orders of diet tea in the autumn of 2017.
With ESTHETIC WIRED (aesthetics communication) April, 2018 issue, we take up this example.

As for this measures order, indication that said, "promotion action of thin figure effect with component of product is provided easily by replacing drink in the everyday eating habits with tea of target product" was provided as act (excellent misconception) to violate Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act.
Pop and advertisement expression, "we only drink this drink, and it is got sterile by component" appear at store handling beauty treatment salon and health food. bemmamorishinari comments how we should do mention about ingredient included in product not product itself.

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