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We exhibit for real estate, investment connection event

We exhibit for HAPPY TsuNaGu collection 2018

We exhibit in event "HAPPY TsuNaGu collection 2018 in TOKYO investment EXPO" to send latest investment information including real estate investment to (March 31, ohigashikyo Dome city prism hall).
"-en- system company to tie" which is front-runner of "LIFULL" and wealthy people market where this event operates real estate, house information site of number of the articles No. 1 is sponsorship.
Exhibition enterprise is golden opportunity to get latest investment information to go over to many divergences to company about investment in assets from real estate investment and leasehold property investment.

Our office makes booth of free legal aid service and lawyer is one-on-one and performs advice to reduce every trouble of including the issue of real estate and assets succession problem.
In addition, mini-seminar by our office position lawyer "is to watch out! Does joint and several bond contract become invalid?" (15:00 ..., each half past 17 ... time 20 minutes) is enforcement in booth, too.
We take toward real estate, the lease owner and become very interesting contents.

As there are wide contents including lecture by Taizo Sugimura and Mr. talent noonononoka of former member of the House of Representatives by event, please participate by all means.

The date and time: Saturday, March 31
Time: From 9:30 to 19:00
Place: Tokyo Dome City prism hall
Entrance fee: 3,000 yen (free entrance fee by advance reservations)
   ※Detailed & advance reservations are this


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