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[Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act] It was published the media commentary of bemmamorishinari

As advertisement expression NG instance, commentary of bemmamorishinari was published in the media

Expression as if "remarkable thin figure effect is provided easily just to wear product" is Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act violation!
About indication that Consumer Affairs Agency hung over underwear which apparel maker of Osaka sold, act (excellent misconception) to violate Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act gave an order to start measures at the end of last year saying that it was admitted.
It is got thinner just to wear clothing and is dreamlike story that we are thankful for for consumers, but what we list so that remarkable thin figure effect is provided is typical case corresponding to excellence misconception indication without doing exercise and dieting.
We touch about indication of words such as photograph such as "after before use, the use" and "it is personal impression" while taking up this example by this ESTHETIC WIRED (aesthetics communication) March, 2018 issue commentary.

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