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Article of lawyer Nakazato is published by woman public opinion

Lawyer Nakazato with magazine "woman public opinion" (February 27, 2018 issue)
We advise about middle age divorce

Special feature of now issue of the magazine outside of "marriage as for real - love of 5 million immorality." About "immorality between middle age" and "romance of adult attracting attention in the media in particular," discussion or data are taken up recently by various points of view.

On o theme that "only this gets money as for unchastity, the wife of husband!" in this, Nakazato advises about important "distribution of property" and "expenses of married life" by middle age divorce.

When she understood the flirtation of husband, what should wife do?
It is very important that we usually grasp assets of house before husband hides property.
Distribution of property to get when we got a divorce actually explains how much expenses of married life that we can request from husband when we lived apart is what is standard with case studies in the space.

Please see by all means.

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