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We exhibited for healthy exhibition

We exhibited in event "FOOD PRODUCE JAPAN" of Tokyo Big Sight

We exhibited our office in trade show "health exhibition /FOOD PRODUCE JAPAN" largest in the country that featured the theme of health industry started on January 31 in Tokyo Big Sight for three days.
This event was business talk exhibition of BtoB which featured the theme of "extension of healthy life expectancy", and, secondary to last year, our office became the second participation.
to may seem to be "trade show that it is why, and law office featured the theme of health", but in late years, as part of "support for beauty, the health industries that in late years our office makes efforts in," continues participating in such health & beauty-related event positively.
Also, as for this health exhibition, disorder of means of transportation had a large number of customers go to visit cold and bad weather more than in average year during period while there was.
We give thanks on this occasion.

bemmamorishinari comments on the current situations of advertising regulation by lecture pertinent law regulation by sponsor seminar

On January 31 for the first day, nari*kai (seishinkai) of our office gives a lecture by sponsor seminar titled "the current situation and measures of advertising regulation by the medicine machine method, Illegal Demonstration Prevention Act, Health Promotion Act".
In late years, for advertisement expression of health-related quotient materials, we explained whether example of what kind of advertisement was problem about measures order that it was begun to occur successively concretely what kind of measures we should take.
Approximately 100 person concerned of company which handled health dealer materials and owner of salon participated in seminar and they had memo stolen eagerly and did and heard.


Legal aid service enforcement free in booth

In addition, in booth of our office, we cope with free consultation about advertisement expression.
"There was a phone call from administration suddenly, and received summons, but would be all right the other day if in this case wrote how?," for concrete example gave advice.

We hold five times of presentation seminars under the theme of "advertising regulation that we are scared when we do not know"

We carry out presentation seminar under the theme of "advertising regulation that we are scared when we do not know" during session.
bemmamorishinari*kai of representative of health & beauty section and lawyer Eiichiro Abe give a lecture each.
We actually explained enforcement statements for measures order and negation indication given about functional indication food to example with example that got up.

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