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Seminar held "pit of indefinite switch rule"

On August 29, labor seminar held "summary and correspondence ... of pit - indefinite switch rule of indefinite switch rule that manager should know" in Tokyo International Forum.

While Sachiho Watanabe of evil place lawyer introduced summary of "indefinite switch rule" and approach example in company with Noriyuki Sobu (best ability representative) of social insurance consultant by seminar, we advised about future correspondence.
We have a big influence on conventional personnel affairs measure, and, about "indefinite switch rule to be called problem in 2018," many companies have high interest.
It was attended, and, for seminar on this day, approximately 20 people heard lecture eagerly.
In our office, we are going to hold seminar and study session as well as the issue of labor in future in various fields. As we announce about future holding at any time on homepage, please see by all means.
Please refer with telephone (03-5224-3801) or inquiry form of HP if you have any questions.

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